Calidad y fabricación


GQZ uses several types of major forging equipment, including HBP 160 High Speed Hot Former from Japan, AMP30 High Speed Former from Switzerland and 630T Automatic Forging Production Line with Induction Heating from Germany.



KDM 14 Ring Turning Production Line from Japan is included in the major turning equipment and production line used by GQZ. Ring Turning Production Line is designed for Small-size Ball Bearings.


Heat Treatment

Muffle Furnace for Rolling Elements Heat Treatment with Protective Gas from Japan and Roller Hearth Heat Treatment Production Lines with Nitrogen Protective Gas from Austria are both included in major Heat Treatment equipment used by GQZ.



The major Grinding Machine and Equipment used in GQZ production line contain Automatic Ring Grinding Production Line for Taper Roller Bearings from Germany; Grinding Machines for Extra-large Bearings and Ring Grinding Production Lines for Ball Bearings from Italy.


Component Production

Steel Balls Rollers and Cages is also a product of GQZ made in house. The major equipment of GQZ include Lapping Machines for Steel Ball Spherical Roller Grinding, Production Line from Japan and Roller Outside Diameter Sorting Machines.



In the process of assembling, major equipment and machines used by GQZ include Automatic Washing Greasing and Shielding Production Line for Shielded and Sealed Ball Bearings Designed By GQZ,as well as Marposs Gaging Machines for Groove Diameter from Italy.


Quality Control

GQZ has full set of Inspection and Analysis Equipment on site which include Andero Meter from USA; GMN Deflector Meter from Germany; BK2032 Signal Analyzer from Denmark; Scanning Election Microscope from Britain; Model RTH6 Contour Meter from Tayiorsuf Britain; Model 73 Taylor Roundness Meter from Britain.